Welcome to Algine Products Sweden

Algine Products Sweden is a company dedicated to seaweed products and specialized in high quality health food. We started in 1988 with only one product (Algine Plus) and exported it to Slovenia. Today we export to over 20 countries in all continents. We have several branch offices around the globe. Both production and head office are located in Sweden.

We produce according to HACCP and GMP and follow all the strict guidelines and regulations set by the Swedish Authority plus the EU standard set by EFSA. All our equipment are state-of-the-art. We have our own source for seaweed in Greenland and Iceland with is environmentally protected.

Our premises are approved by The Swedish National Food Administration and our products conform to the standards of The Swedish Health Food Council. Our products are approved outside Sweden by several foreign FDA's plus that Algine Plus is approved by Health Canada with number 80007659.

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